Your First Visit

If you have never been to a Naturopath or Complementary Medicine Practitioner and would like to know what to expect, this page is for you.

First of all, may I dispel a common and extremely misguided myth that anyone dealing in traditional medicines is a “Quack”. This is not true.

There are hundreds of thousands of qualified scientists and researchers. These people are highly educated and have spent much money and time investing in this field. Obviously they would not have done so if there was no benefit.

I shall now attempt to get off my soap box. Allow me to take a deep cleansing breath.

In… two… three…Out…two…three.

That should do it.

Part 1: Filling in Paperwork

For a first time 90 minute visit, you can expect to fill out a questionnaire regarding your general health and the reason for your visit. I realise that this may seem tedious to those of you who are used to 10 minute consultations that end with “and take 1 of these 3 times a day”, but bear with us. The more information you provide, the better equipped we are to deal with you as a whole person.  This means less pill popping for you.

Part 2: Case History

After consulting the questionnaire, the practitioner will then go through your  history. This will include the history of your primary concern and any associated symptoms. Often they will take your family history, dietary history and lifestyle history. A review of all the body systems may also be undertaken to ensure nothing is missed.

Part 3: Physical Exam

Now for the practical part. After all this talking, the practitioner will then go through some diagnostic procedures. Depending on what they are qualified in, this may include analysis of height, weight, blood pressure, urinary tests, heavy metal tests, iridology, kinesiology or live blood analysis. Diagnostic tools may also include the use of very cool technology such as VLA machines or wellness scans.

Part 4: Treatment Options

After getting this information, it is then collated with earlier notes to form a complete picture of how your body is functioning. From here, the practitioner may then recommend nutrients, herbs, vitamins, minerals, Bach Flowers, Bush Flowers, teas or homeopathic remedies that may be suitable for you. They will also make dietary and lifestyle adjustments to suit your condition.

Please note how I said “First Time Visit”. Naturopaths are rather like that old tortoise – slow, steady and methodic. It may be a couple of weeks until your next check up appointment. This is usually shorter and is a progress review.  It is in your best interest to be open and honest – try to follow the protocol plan, but if you don’t, please don’t lie. That wastes time and causes endless amounts of frustration.

And that is, more or less, how a naturopath operates. Of course this is by no means set in stone.You should be aware that NO naturopath will ever tell you to stop taking your medication. This is dangerous and against all of our codes of practice. I strongly encourage all patients to inform their GP’s of what herbs they are taking as interactions can and do occur.

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