How Can We Help You?

So, you ask, how can natural medicine help me?

Well, there are so many different aspects to natural medicine.  It is also known as Complementary or Alternative Medicine because that’s what it is.  Quite simply, it is the use of naturally found substances used either alone, in combinations or in complement with orthodox medical treatments to encourage and speed natural healing.

CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicines) can take many forms.  For example, osteopathy is a fantastic use of physical manipulation to create better body function.

Naturopathy uses herbs, vitamins, minerals, celloid minerals (tissue salts), flower remedies and homoeopathic remedies to gently shift the body towards a state of health.  Unlike orthodox treatments, the practitioner sees the patient as an individual. Taking this holistic view includes analysing diet, lifestyle and family history to have a good idea of what will work best.  Our goal is optimal health for all ages.

In-Clinic Testing Facilities:

For more comprehensive information, we may also require other tests be completed. Usually this is limited to salivary tests and hair tissue analysis.

Treatment Options:

We Can Help You With:

Or any fun combination of the above ;)


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    if you follow the lifestyle, diet and environment of your parents, then you will age just like them.


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