Acupressure and Acupuncture

Both Acupressure and Acupuncture arise from Traditional Chinese Medicine. They work by stimulating specific points along the body's energy lines meridians . Diseases are believed to be the result of... Read more

Alexander Technique

A process of neuro re-education this is designed to improve well being and relieve pain associated with poor posture injury and chronic... Read more


The use of essential oils in massage sprays compresses bathing or just burning in a room to have a restoring and calming effect on both mind and... Read more


Another ancient system of healing Ayurveda comes from India. Ayurveda believes that the five elements of the universe are present in the body resulting in one of three personality types known as... Read more

Bach and Bush Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies are named after their founder Dr Edward Bach who was an English physicist in the 1930's. Taking the essence of flowers Dr Bach noted that different flowers were able to either... Read more

Bowen Technique

A form of bodywork designed by Australian Tom Bowen in the mid 1900's. Bowen technique relies on gentle accurate short sequences that target stress buildup in the muscles. Interestingly there are... Read more

Chinese Medicine

Already well known Traditional Chinese Medicine is centered around the belief that disease arises as a result of imbalance of one of the 5 elements. Diagnosis is done through inspecting the tongue... Read more


A relatively strong kind of bodywork technique that relies on the manipulation of the spine to bring about stress relief good posture and ultimately good... Read more

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy works by stimulating the optic nerve to correct energy and emotional imbalances. This can be used alone or with other... Read more


A verbal form of therapy counselling explores personal beliefs and values to address stress management or emotional traumas such as conflict or... Read more
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    Common Sense

    Again, a no brainer, but here goes:

    If you see a probiotic marketed at children (or adults) and it comes in a "great tasting chocolate ball"... chances are, it's really not that good for you.

    Try not to give into the latest "craze" or celebrity endorsement - those guys are out to make money regardless of your health. Do your own research, question who funded the research and if in doubt, see your practitioner.


    The average person can hold their breath for around one minute.