Chinese Walnut Dessert

Ingredients: 110g walnuts 4 tbsp rice flour 140g fresh cane sugar you can try substituting for stevia drops powder 4 cups water Method: Preheat oven to 180 C Rinse walnuts and pat dry with... Read more

Konnyaku Jelly

Ingredients: 1 sachet of Nutrijell Konnyaku Jelly Powder 150g of sugar 700mls boiling water 1 medium sized mango Method: Mix jelly powder with sugar Wash peel and slice mango into small bite sized... Read more

Strawberry, Almonds and Peaches

Ingredients: 2 1 2 cups strawberries 4 tbsp sugar 1 2 cup vanilla yoghurt 1 2 tsp almond extract 4 tbsp finely chopped almonds 4 large peaches Lemon juice Method: Remove stems from strawberries and... Read more
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    Cranberry Juice

    Increase your intake of pure cranberry juice (or just snack on cranberries) to prevent unwanted urinary tract infections.


    The human brain produces over 100 000 chemical reactions per second