Welcome to Amabelle

Who is Amabelle?

Amabelle is owned and run by Isabelle Taye.

Based in Kings Langley’s Hills and Osteopathic Health Care Centre, we aim to address a variety of health concerns using only the best quality herbal and nutritional supplements.

Suitable for all ages, each consultation is individually tailored to suit your needs.
From symptoms of acute stress to chronic disorders, we aim to make your life easier, naturally. Apart from herbal and nutritional supplements, we also offer Aromatherapy treatments including our new Signature Scents range.  This allows you to create your own special scent using essential oils.  A great present for a loved one or for yourself!

Health Fund Rebates

Health Fund Rebates are available; however, you may need to check with your Health Fund regarding your level of cover.

Products Upgrade!

In our continuing pursuit for perfection, all of our products have been reformulated.

Our creams and lotions now include natural preservatives and antioxidants including grapeseed extract and rosemary extract to result in longer lasting shelf life and increased product stability.

Our sprays and roll ons will now include a coconut derived solubiliser to result in beautiful crystal clear scents.

Updated product pictures will soon be available!

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    Drink More Water

    You need at least 1.5 L a day to:

    1. Stay hydrated
    2. Flush toxins out
    3. Maintain weight
    4. Maintain cell functioning

    2 glasses of water in the morning before food will help wake up your internal organs and curb unwanted food cravings.


    Women lose around 30 more strands of hair a day than men.